Komad are experts in all aspects of interior commercial fitouts.

From floor covering, customised joinery, partitioning, and various other modifications, we can completely transform your commercial space and leave your business looking high end.

What sets us apart in the industry is our team’s understanding of commercial construction challenges. We focus on the physical aspects of an interior space that can significantly impact its appearance. We also work closely in collaboration with all clients and deliver solutions that are cost-effective, customised to suit your specific needs and always completed on time.

The goal for all Komad Commercial Fitouts is to provide a quality finish that will exceed expectations every time.

Enhance Your Sydney Office with an Office Fitout

The way your brand is portrayed to customers is critical. A lacklustre office fitout can leave a lot to question. Even if the office space you’re considering lacks certain features or creature comforts, you may require a comprehensive fitout to make it suitable for your business needs.

A common question our clients are plagued with is, where do we begin? If you find yourself uncertain about whether your new space would benefit from physical alterations, you’re not alone. We’re ready to work with you regardless of how much of the office fitout you have planned. If you’re aware changes are needed but are unsure of the specifics, our design management team can provide guidance. On the other hand, if you already have a complete design and simply require assistance with implementation, our construction teams can bring your vision to life.

Minimise Disruptions and Keep Your Business Running Smoothly

We understand the importance of minimising disruptions to your day-to-day operations during the office fitout process. Particularly if you’ve recently moved offices, it’s crucial to complete the fitout with minimal distractions.

When planning office fitouts in Sydney, we take this into account and meticulously plan to minimise noise and dust pollution. Our mission is to deliver your new office without disturbing your vital activities. Our team will complete the fitout efficiently and in a timely manner, ensuring limited disruption. Before you know it, you and your employees will be settled into your new office, with us out of your way.



Two of KOMAD’s core beliefs is to be Innovative and to hero Design. That means all of our projects are customised and tailored for our client’s specific and unique needs.

We have had the honour of working with some of Australia’s leading brands and their requirements are always very unique and custom. Apple, Louis Vuitton, NAB, Sydney Airport, David Jones, Cartier, Sydney Opera House, Westpack, Gucci have all trusted KOMAD to deliver their custom project and custom fitout vision.

Custom fitouts offer a number of benefits, here are our the top 3 considerations in our experience:
1. Increased brand value: A well-designed and branded space will improve your brand value. When customers and clients visit, they will be impressed by your professionalism and attention to detail. This can help to build trust and credibility with your customers, which can lead to increased sales and profits.
2. Increased energy efficiency: Custom fitouts give us the opportunity to design in more energy efficient solutions. This is especially important for businesses that operate in large buildings.
3. Flexibility: Custom fitouts are also more flexible. This means that you can easily adapt your space as your needs change.


We sure do! Our core mission at Komad is to radically transform your retail space with our high quality; turnkey shop fit-outs for the Hospitality, Retail and Commercial sectors. That means we take control of everything from approvals, construction and completion.

We have the confidence that we can find cost-effective and compliant solutions to all problems whether it is dealing with large scale projects, refurbishment, working within heritage requirements, commercial de-fits or building maintenance work.


We’ve had the pleasure of working with some high end brands, including Apple & Louis Vuitton, but also the pleasure of working with small boutique businesses and helping them see their dream vision come to life.

For some of our projects, please visit out portfolio page


Short answer, absolutely! Our ethos is Collaborative. Innovative. Design. Construct. It is a core part of our business to partner with our clients and their wider team of architects and designers for every single one of our projects.

Long answer, from our experience we will need to understand the scale and specifications from the Architect and we may need to request modifications based on the implementation process. The level of detail in architect plans will vary depending on the stage of the project and the specific requirements of a client. Therefore we need to consider all elements such as site plans, floor plans, elevations, sections, and details. The level of detail in the plans will also depend on the complexity of the project.
In addition to the plans, the architect will also provide a set of specifications. These specifications provide detailed information about the materials, finishes, and construction methods that will be used in the project. The level of detail in the plans and specifications is important for several reasons. It ensures that the builder has a clear understanding of the architect’s vision for the project, helps to prevent costly changes during construction, and provides a reference point for resolving disputes that may arise during the project.

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