Whether you’re looking to renovate or relocate your commercial space, Komad can retrofit your space to a makegood standard in compliance with your lease agreement. Demolition, strip outs and makegood services deal with the obligation that requires the tenant, to leave your business premises at the end of your lease in the same condition that you found it i.e. removing all redundant fixtures, fittings, installations and alterations carried out to a commercial office space, that are not required by the new tenant, or are required to be removed in the lease agreement.

Komad are experts in all types of office, home, and building strip outs. Our Staff is skilled to tackle any challenges making sure the job is done to your expectation in a safe manner. Komad can complete all repair works, including removal of ceilings, partitions, floors, walls and repainting, in line with landlord requirements and in preparation for the next tenant.